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How to play soccer...

My kid is great...
Let's define great.
Is the child bigger and faster than others, or are their balling handling and soccer skills much more advanced? Just being able to out run the defense is not a great player.  Being able to SEE the game and develop skills such as first touch make a great player.

I have worked with may "great players" at the age of 16 that had virtually no basic skills. They were not great players. They were just rapid developers physically.  TEACH THEM BASICS. Even the Pros work every day on basics.

A GREAT PLAYER is well rounded and understands everything about the game. They can play all positions and not just score goals.  A Striker must be a great defender as well. So to must a defender be a great shooter.  A keeper must have great dribbling and handling skills and so on.  Make them well rounded and a THINKER. 




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