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How to play soccer...

Soccer Kicking

The instep kick is the most powerful kick in the sport of soccer. Beginning players, however, often have difficulty learning this skill for four reasons: (1) it requires a coordination of rapidly moving body parts; (2) it requires accurate foot placement and body positioning; (3) players perceive previously learned "toe" kicking as initially more successful and are, therefore, reluctant to utilize the instep kick; and (4) players are anxious about the possibility of an injury from kicking the ground instead of the ball.

Because of the difficulties encountered by many beginning players in performing the instep kick, it is important that coaches understand these problems and have a teaching scheme to facilitate the learning of this important soccer skill.

To learn proper soccer kicking techniques, you should buy and watch this 2008 soccer training video, Blast The Ball. It is the best soccer kick training video produced. Below is a quick tip from Coach V the creator of Blast The ball. It is a more ADVANCED look at plant foot positioning but it just shows that kicking a ball is more than just "swinging away". 

Most kicking videos are for beginners. This video takes you from beginners all the way through advanced training.



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