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How to play soccer...

Soccer Moves.

There are many soccer moves for all ages of youth soccer players. One of the best ways to learn is to see them.

The Cruyff Soccer Move.


"Cuts" and "Cutbacks/Hook Turns"

Putting the soccer cut into practice.
More soccer turns and drills.

Change of direction drills


  1. Outside "Pop & Run"


  2. Outside of Foot Hook & Reverse


  3. Step in front and push with other foot


  4. The Scissors


  5. The Stanley Matthews


  6. Fake Kicks


    1. Fake Kick


    2. Fake Kick / Hook & Reverse


  7. Outside Step Around/Reverse


  8. Fake Kick & Pullback


  9. Zico Move


  10. Cruyff Move


  11. The "V"


  12. Change Of Speed Tactic


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