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How to play soccer...

Yelling parents.
If you ever want to have some fun, watch soccer parents on the side line.
We all want our kids to do well, but we need to understand a golden rule.

One of the major growing points of youth soccer is the ability to make decisions under pressure. RIGHT or WRONG, it helps them grow.  We have found that parents yell for one reason. The fear of failure. Yes, they don't want to see their children fail so they yell out instructions and orders throughout the entire game.  Find a great young player and you will often see their parents sitting quietly on the side line.

Parents Rules:

Keep your mouth quiet except when praising or cheering.
Praise both teams.
NEVER, question ref's calls or bark out, FOUL - OFFSIDES - ETC.
Most refs are young and learning. They make mistakes too and it is OK.
Learn that kids really don't care if they win or lose. They just want to play.
Let the coach, COACH. Remember, they volunteer for this massive job. If you think you can do better, by all means proceed.
Never go on the field. Even during injuries, parents should stay off the field. 


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